How Can I Help You?

I provide a range of consulting and training services for project managers new and established as well as the organizations they work for. My exam prep courses are designed to help you pass the PMP certification test and succeed in the next phase of your career. I offer individual and group coaching and mentoring to foster learning and growth for any project manager. Lastly, I consult for organizations to enhance their performance with improved PM workflows. Read on to learn more about these services.

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Consult & Advise

Project management offices (PMOs) are given increasing strategic responsibilities. Additionally, they’re expected to provide continual value to the organization. Projects need to be completed faster and cheaper. PMOs must have more transparency and must fully optimize project resources. When they start to crack from the stress, you’ll find issues with project deliverables, quality, and performance.

In order for your teams to deliver, you need the right set of procedures, a framework that supports your organization’s needs, and the appropriate tools to complement these processes and methodologies. A well-managed PMO can address whatever challenges that arise to ensure consistent project success. Processes that function smoothly – like clear communication, quick resolution of technical issues, and stakeholder management – will keep the project from veering off course.

As a project management consultant, there are many ways that I have helped organizations improve.

  • Launch a brand new PMO
  • Establish new or enhance existing processes and procedures to support the project management lifecycle
  • Conduct audits on critical areas during project planning and execution
  • Provide training, coaching, and professional development support to the project management team based on my experiences driving real-world projects

When I enter an organization as a consultant, one of the first things I do is assess the current environment and evaluate existing processes. I identify ways that the PMO could evolve and mature. I often detail my findings in a report where I also outline the next steps the organization should take to reach their goal.

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Educate & Develop

PMP and CAPM are global certifications. You’ll learn how to communicate in the same way as hundreds of thousands of certified project managers. You’ll be able to take your new knowledge and skills into virtually any industry, anywhere in the world, no matter what methodology the company uses. Learning this global language will also connect you with a worldwide community of professionals, experts, and organizations.

What differentiates my exam prep courses from my competitors’ courses is that I include real-world scenarios and industry best practices. I want to do more than just prepare you for the exam. I want to show you how to apply this knowledge so you can hit the ground running. With the best practices in your toolbox, you can lead your first project to stellar success.

Another thing that makes my courses unique is the mastermind group format. Instead of a traditional teacher role, I act more as a facilitator and guide through the material. This gives you more opportunities to discuss it with your peers, benefiting from each other’s experiences, skills, and knowledge. Your classmates and I will also act as a support network, keeping you accountable and on track to earning your certification.

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Guide & Support

I have been mentoring project managers through the PMI Mile Hi Chapter for one and a half years. My involvement in this program inspired me to establish a mastermind group and offer more in-depth coaching sessions. The former functions as a peer-to-peer advisory group where the members give each other advice and hold each other accountable. In the coaching sessions, I tailor the discussions to my client’s needs and goals. In both scenarios, the participants acquire insight, knowledge, and new skills necessary to achieve their goals and be successful.

A PM fills several roles during the completion of a project, yet the role of integration is the most important. It falls on the PM to explain the project to and integrate it with people who are outside of the project team, including those who aren’t part of the organization. This is why great PMs not only have high technical skills but also high interpersonal skills. Technical skills are relatively easy to acquire through education, training, and job experience. Interpersonal skills – leadership, communication, negotiation, mental flexibility, and problem-solving – require a different, individualized approach to teaching that a coach can provide.

As a coach, I focus on building character over building competencies. I push my mentees to accept different tasks and responsibilities that will draw out their strengths. I help them overcome personal barriers keeping them from realizing their full potential. Along the way, I model and share advice on how to work effectively with the rest of the team.


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