Meet PMP Wonder Woman Sienna Apis

PMP Insights is a project management consulting firm led by Sienna Apis, a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) in Boulder, CO. She’s earned the nickname “Wonder Woman” for her ability to make connections and build relationships across the organization. As a thought leader and change agent, PMP Insights specializes in strategic consulting, coaching, and professional development that delivers innovative solutions which transform the project management office and the organization.

How Sienna became known as PMP Wonder Woman

Fearlessly tackling difficult projects as an experienced leader, Sienna is beloved and somewhat famous among the people she engages. A team player who is compassionate, effective, and easy to work with, it’s as if Sienna has some of Wonder Woman’s superpowers that enable her to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Sienna displays incredible insight and wisdom as a distinguished educator and mastermind facilitator.

PMP Superpowers

As a seasoned project manager, Sienna has the strength and stamina needed to prioritize objectives and to determine the best course of action so her projects stay “green” and on schedule to meet key deliverables and milestones. Through her keen sense of awareness and uncanny ability to communicate, she is able to effectively engage with key stakeholders and other project managers to achieve the desired results.

Wonder Woman is always eager to help but warns that it won’t be a simple tale of good vs. evil.

“When faced with the reality of how things are, difficult choices must be made.”

Consult with Sienna Apis to create better processes and teams.

  • Conduct audits on critical areas during project planning and execution
  • Launch a new PMO
  • Enhance existing or establish new processes and procedures
  • Provide professional development support to the project management team

Let’s Get Started!

Are you interested in working with the PMP Wonder Woman? Do you want to learn more about the coaching, consulting services, and PMP courses that Sienna offers? Contact her to connect and discuss how she can help.

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