PMP Insights Announces Consulting Services and Online Courses for Project Managers

Project Management consulting services and online PMP certification training now available through Sienna Apis, PMP. Enrollment in PMP/CAPM Certification Exam Prep online training course open to public.

Boulder, CO, June 25, 2019 –(– PMP Insights, a professional organization specializing in project management consulting for organizations and coaching and professional development for project managers, announces that enrollment is open for its new PMP online training courses. People who are planning to take the PMP/CAPM certification exam can now prepare by taking online exam prep courses with Sienna Apis.“When I teach or help a client, I combine process excellence and industry best practices with the insights I have gained and the lessons that I have learned as a consultant and senior project manager,” says Sienna Apis, founder and principal consultant of PMP Insights.

“My mantra is bigger, better, faster. I am never content with doing something the conventional way when there is a more effective alternative. I encourage students and clients to broaden their horizons and push the limits of what they can do.” -Sienna Apis

PMP Insights is now offering professional development and project management online courses. Its premiere course, “PMP/CAPM Certification Exam Prep,” begins on September 14, 2019 and is open to the public for enrollment. PMP Insights’ courses combine industry best practices with real-world scenarios. “I want to do more than just prepare you for the exam. I want to show you how to apply knowledge and expertise to solve problems and gain efficiencies when leading and managing enterprise initiatives and projects of various scales,” Apis added.

PMP Insights provides novices and experienced project managers with one-on-one coaching services. Apis observes that “great project managers not only have strong technical skills but also strong relationship-building and interpersonal skills.” Employers look for and reward employees who possess these soft skills like problem-solving, negotiation, and leadership. With a focus on “building strong leadership foundations and character over building competencies,” Apis’ coaching approach at PMP Insights fills the gaps that technical education and job experience often leave behind.

Varsha Kumar, a senior project manager and former colleague of Apis recalls, “While adhering to existing processes, Sienna continued to analyze them with the intent to improve them. She has made several recommendations to improve our processes. Sienna sincerely cares about our projects even though someone else was going to be responsible for them going forward. I was lucky to learn from her.”

To enroll in the online courses for PMP/CAPM certification and project schedule management or to learn more about PMP Insights’ project management consulting and professional development services, please contact Sienna Apis.

About PMP Insights

PMP Insights is a Project Management Professional consulting firm in Boulder, CO founded in 2017 and led by Sienna Apis, a certified PMP and PMO. With over 20 years of experience leading mission-critical enterprise initiatives, overseeing project management offices, managing process improvement initiatives, and training and educating project management teams, Sienna Apis knows how to solve problems for organizations who are challenged with project management issues. A thought leader and change agent, PMP Insights specializes in coaching, education, and guidance that delivers innovative solutions which transform business.



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