PMP Certification Exam Prep

Coaching for the PMP Certification Exam

Did you recently complete a Project Management Professional (PMP) exam boot camp? Congratulations. Do you think you’re ready to become a PMP? Think again. The boot camp was just the beginning of your journey. There is much more that you need to learn to become an effective and confident project leader.

At PMP Insights, I can guide you. All of my previous mentees passed the exam on their first try and got their foot in their industry’s door. Set yourself up for success by hiring me as your coach.

The Importance of the PMP

The PMP certification is the gold standard in our field. Having one shows that you can speak the global language of project management. Yet like any other language, there’s a difference between speaking it and being fluent in it. Committing time and effort to become fluent will make you a more confident project practitioner and enhance your leadership and management skills.

I will coach you to the point where project management becomes second nature. People will notice your proficiency – people who can open doors to new job experiences and leadership responsibilities.

A PMP is Not a Guarantee

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a PMP is not a magical guarantee that you will instantly get a job in project management or even succeed at it. There are some skills that you can only acquire in the field, but you don’t need to settle for learning them the hard way. That’s where my coaching and mentoring services come in.

My experience and expertise can fill in knowledge gaps that your previous training left behind and clarify ideas that may have been glossed over. I can show you how to apply the abstract concepts you’ve learned to real-world scenarios and leverage your management skills in an actual workplace. As your coach, I’ll help you achieve the job results you want faster and become a more confident leader.

“While going through the program Sienna was able to help me identify the areas I needed to focus on while studying for the PMP exam. Sienna brings her professional experiences and insights into the mastermind meetings helping all to learn from her experiences… Those looking to get started in project management would find the information invaluable in finding their way into this profession.” – Dan Wilson, Participant

What to Expect

My goal is to provide customized tutoring that supplements what you learned in your exam prep boot camp and reinforces your understanding of the content the exam will cover. Since I tailor sessions to my students’ needs, you can expect our first meeting to consist of discussions about your strengths, challenges, and professional goals. The students who get the most out of our time together are those who make time to study between sessions and complete any supplemental homework, like readings, case studies, and practice exams.


  • Session Size: 1-4 people
  • Duration: 12 hours (3-hour sessions, twice a week)

Prepare for the Next Leg of Your PM Journey

Do you want an expert coach to help you prepare for the PMP exam? Do you need extra guidance to supplement your boot camp training? Contact me at PMP Insights to get started.


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